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berry folk

Berry obsessed. #1 fruit fan. Call us what you want but we are all
here for the berry. We believe that our mutual love of the sweet, the tart, and
the juicy is worthy of a community. Our growers, employees, and retail partners
devote their lives to bringing you the best berry.
At Always Fresh, it’s our job to make those lives better.

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starting fresh

It should be no secret that we owe everything to our growers…they’re the ones spending Christmas night in cold rain to make sure their sprinklers don’t freeze up. They’re the ones waking up before dawn and sitting down only after dark. Always Fresh started as a family business, so we know all about generations depending on businesses like ours.
We don’t talk. We do. We do what it takes to treat our growers as the hard-working, wonderful people that they truly are.

Any berry company can tell you how much they care for their growers.
Our growers will tell you themselves.

Image of Always Fresh grower Troy

Troy Sinn,
blueberry grower, OR

My father and uncle started growing blues in the 80’s. At the time, we were told that 12 acres was a ‘crazy amount of blueberries and they would never be able to sell that.’ We now pack over 8 million pounds and are still growing! I’m one of six brothers who run the farm together. Working with Always Fresh has helped us stay family-owned and still be able to grow as a business.”

Image of grower family

Edmundo Duran,
strawberry grower, CA

“Evan [from Always Fresh] is part of our family. His focus has always been on taking care of the growers and making sure we all can get better together. We are a simple hardworking family, and Always Fresh is the same. Even though we are thousands of miles from each other, we feel the closeness.”

Image of grower

Austin Sigety,
blueberry grower, FL

We are relatively new to farming (est. 2016), and we hadn’t really had a strong connection to the retailers that would allow us to communicate our goal to be stewards of land and water. Always Fresh has given us a voice to share how we grow, and how we feel we can make a better berry for the customer.”

beyond the berry

The real reason we are here is to build community, better
lives, and bridge gaps. Is it about the berry? Always.
But the berry is about more than you think.

Image of Always Fresh grower holding a container of Strawberries in a field.

We grow from here.

From training to team culture, each individual employee is part of our continued success. We believe it’s important to invest in our people, the same way we do in innovation and quality. You simply can’t grow the best berries alone.

Image of hand dropping Always Fresh blueberries into a basket.

Good people deserve great berries.

You trust us to provide delicious, nutritious berries, and it’s our job to gain and cultivate that trust. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, which is why we are Primus GFS certified, and maintain the utmost quality and safety standards for all of our berries.

Image of Always Fresh community members

The root of giving.

Agricultural communities across the world often face challenges, economically and socially. We started The Giddings Family and The Always Fresh Farms Foundations specifically to help communities in the areas where we grow. Locally, we also proudly support the Boys & Girls Club, Warrick Dunn Foundation, Honor Flight and the Pediatric Center.

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