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with all our
heart & soil

In case it’s not clear yet, we’re completely obsessed with berries. We will go to the greatest lengths to find not only the right farm, but the right farmer. We will hustle day and night to get our customers the berries we promised. We will make endless calls, spend sleepless nights, and dig with bare hands if we have to. Maybe it’s a mad love, but we’d do anything for the berries..and berry lovers like you.

where we grow:

British Columbia
North Carolina
New Jersey

the pulse of flavor

The more berries we can grow, ship and pack, the more growers we can support.
The more people we can employ. The more families we can feed. For our business, bigger really is better. Our 70,000 sq ft facilities are the hub of the Always Fresh network, where we diligently assure all of the quality and safety of each berry before packing and shipping. Not only do we have complete control this way, we take care of the marketing and logistics and let our growers do what they do best: grow delicious berries.

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passionate on purpose

If we want to do right by our berries and our berry fans, then we simply must do right by the earth in which they grow. From advanced irrigation to repurposing materials, conscientious fuel choices to energy efficiency, we look for every possible way to grow, pack, and ship responsibly.

Our quality promise.

Our facilities give us complete control over quality through rigorous testing methods and highly trained staff evaluating each individual berry. We are Global GAP trained and certified which covers Food Safety topics that are critical to maintaining Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Safety message.

We are certified under Primus GFS, which is a GFSI recognized audit certification program that provides rigorous produce supply chain coverage. The major aspects that are verified and validated by this audit scheme are our farms, indoor agriculture, harvest crews, packinghouses, cooling and cold storage, processing and distribution.

Sustainable practices.

Dedicated to farming berries in a way that’s in tune with Mother Nature, all of our products are Non-GMO and responsibly grown on farms with innovative sustainability practices. In addition, our main packing location is certified under Americert International, an accredited agent of NOP to certify that farms or other types of businesses meet the national organic standards.

the berry.