the beloved blackberry

Understated, the blackberry is for a particular berry lover–they are distinctively delicious with their sweet, deep tang and crisp texture. They also make a wonderful partner to other berries, fruits, even meats, and especially cheeses. 

bbq sauce

Delightful, delicious,
and a little daring!

one sweet superfood

Blackberries are chock full with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.
Just one cup of raw blackberries has half the daily recommended value of Vitamin C! With a subtle sweetness, blackberries add goodness to any dish…try them in savory salads, or specialty desserts.

Vitamin C

Always in Season

Great for baking
Also available in organic

The new bff. Best fruit for your family.

Sun-ripened and picked at peak, we grow our blackberries with tender care so your family can enjoy them year round.

“I bought this strawberry from Walmart. OMG, they are the best strawberries ever in my life!!!”
“They are so delicious that I ate 1/2 a pint in one sitting.”
Kim Sullivan Spignardo
“I just had some of your blueberries. They were amazing, perfect, nice and plump and delicious!”
Bevalie Ann

The perfect